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by Kim Zombik on Mukund Dev
intelligent artistry, deep soul

In hearing Mukund sing, I felt so deeply and fully moved. His singing contains a profound balance of skill, tone, artistic capacity, heart, musical intelligence and playfulness. Rather than listening to a dhrupad singer construct a world with his/her sound, I felt drawn more deeply inward towards the Universal Soul. (That was very special.) In this way, I would love to consider Mukund a "soul brother". As a teacher, he is systematic, patient, and clear. A true gem!

by Jacinthe Lavoie, Montreal, Quebec on Mukund Dev
Amazing gift

Listening and watching Mukund singing is a gift for the heart and soul. The depth of his voice resonates through your body and the spirit canstart traveling within the sound and rythmn. As a person and a teacher he is so generous and inspiring us to relax and be at ease. He has a nice way to start where you're at and bring you across your limitations without you even notice it ;). He has nice pedagogy that seem to come naturally. Mukund really, you are gifted and you give so much in return. Thank you 1000 times!

by Roxinda Abarca, Los Andes, Chile on Mukund Dev
Awesome work you are doing!

Its sounds very meditativethank you!Mukund Dev

by Nirupama Srivastav, Vanaras, India. on Mukund Dev

I liked this site and it's content...

by Momoko Miura, Masashino, Tokiyo, JAPAN. on Mukund Dev
Strongly Recomend

I felt something like smell of earth or old DNA of Indian when I heard his song. It was not a just technic but maybe it was a real dhrupad spirit.Also as a teacher, he is very kind and well experienced.

by Soma Dey, Kalyani, West Bengal on Mukund Dev

Your songs are superb. The songs touch our heart, give relax to the mind. You have a God-gifted voice. God bless you, brother...

by shreyoshi dey, Kolkata, India on Mukund Dev
Awesome Songs

Thanks Mukund.Your songs are awesome. Your tone has touched my heart. I think you are the blessed one who has the ability to give resonance of higher spirituality through your songs.

by Elvin Ferreira, B A in Music Wayne State University, USA on Mukund Dev
Those who are truly powerful are humble

Mukund posses great mastery over his craft. When he sings you truly feel what he is singing. It is hard to describe but he carries with him am immense strength when he sings. He is also as humble, kind, and patient as people come. Truly a gem of a teacher.

by Meredith Aphieme, Asheville, North Carolina, USA on Mukund Dev
Private Lessons

I have benefited from Private Lessons with Mukund Dev very very much. He is obviously as master at this skill of voice, but also deeply heartfelt and sensitive to the emotional and spiritual dimension of deep voice work. I highly recommend studying with him.

by Dr m s sahoo on Mukund Dev
Thanks Mukund

His humbleness devotion towards classical music made him today what he is
Really I am proud of him he is my younger brother I know him from his childhood. He is a great devotee for classical music from d beginning itself with our PIESA (his father)
And what he is today it's all bcz of his hard work n elders his gurus blessings
God bless him always I ll pray for his success

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