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Mukund Dev

Dhrupad Singer

Mukund Dev is a young and dynamic exponent of the Dhrupad style of singing, the most ancient genre of Indian classical music. He represents the Dagar Vani style of Dhrupad. He stands out as one of the most promising musicians striving to preserve this ancient art in the 21st century. Mukund’s approach towards presenting Dhrupad is well-researched, grounded in tradition and the authentic grammar of music and yet has a unique distinct flavour of his own creativity. Through the alap, Mukund upholds the close connection of music with the principles of “Naad Yog", which literally means yoga of sound. He is a poet and is actively involved in composing poems befitting the Dhrupad style and also have the flavour of contemporary thoughts, which attracts the younger generation towards this style of music. He is a senior disciple of the Padmashri Gundecha Brothers, and being so he is striving to preserve the prestigious music handed down to him by his Gurus.

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