Dhrupad music has always been the guiding force to lead the common man on the path of devotion, liberation and peace. During ancient times, Dhrupad music was always performed in temples as an offering to God. In our temple tradition, it was very important to use meaningful verses to invoke spiritual energy. Hence as per Hindu mythology and teachings of great sages, it was called as “Shabda Brahma” which can lead devotees to ultimate bliss of liberation.

Adi Guru (Great Master), Swami Haridas who is also Guru of Miyan Tansen has an infinite contribution to Dhrupad music. The original verse by him “Hari Om Anant Narayana Taran Taran Tvam ”was used in ancient times.

However from many years, this ancient and popular tradition of Dhrupad has disappeared. Instead, in place of this verse, meaningless syllables are used. This might have happened during the era of outside invasions on our country due to which our art forms like Music and Dance travelled from temples to palaces of Emperors. Unfortunately till today the original verse is not used by Dhrupad singers.

It is a high time now for us, to go back to our ancient roots of music which had mainly spiritual dimension and not only entertainment. With this aim, Dhrupad Music Foundation is going to give a new direction to Dhrupad music by using sacred and pure verse of Swami Haridas in Dhrupad renditions. On this verse, the entire Aalap of Dhrupad can be expanded. The different dimensions of dhrupad singing can also be elaborated with the use of this verse. This will also lead to refutation of the meaningless words. Dhrupad music will be appealing to all music lovers as well as amateurs.