Dhrupad is one of the oldest and most valuable cultural heritages of India and it is also the source of Hindustani Classical and allied music forms. Over the past few years, it has been growing in prominence with an awakening of interest among the youth of the country. A true artist does not care about anything in the world other than his art. They happily live with their art, and stay connected to the level of higher consciousness.
Brilliant artists like Mukund Dev have sacrificed their life in the propagation of music. His great Gurus Padmashree Umakant & Ramakant Gundecha Ji advised Mukund that music will take you closer to God. By serving music whole-heartedly, you can overcome all your difficult problems, since it is a form of meditation. Following his Guru’s preachings Mukund was totally into Music and Music became his world.
Mukund Dev has been at the forefront in working toward spreading awareness of Dhrupad. He has achieved this through various initiatives as well as training numerous Dhrupad musicians.
In his experience, he has seen that Dhrupad has something good for people of all ages and backgrounds. He encourages exposure to Dhrupad as early in life as possible. As part of this vision, Mukund Dev has been putting together the “Little Dhrupad Singers” event since last 3 years at Dhrupad Sansthan that features young students of Dhrupad from ages 4 – 15. He has been teaching dhrupad to “Little Dhrupad Singers” under the Guru-Shishya tradition.
This platform gives them significant encouragement to continue their immersion in Dhrupad, and also encourages other people to start learning Dhrupad. It helps clear misconceptions that Dhrupad is inaccessible as an art for children. Children are our future. The role of children is very important in pursuing the great and ancient music tradition Dhrupad. At the same time, promotion of young Artists needs financial contribution. Any government or non-governmental activists can make financial grants to pursue this great tradition of Indian music.

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