ॐ कार नाद सकल शक्ति,
नाद-योग साधे होवे मुक्ति।।

This entire creation is connected with a vibration in itself and that vibration is called Omkar Naad or Brahma Naad in our Hindu mythological scriptures.

“नादोपयोगित्वा न्मानुषण देहमुच्यते” ||१७||

~Pandit Sarangadev

In the 13th century Pandit Sarangdev, the great musicologist, has said in the chapter on the order of creation in Sangeet Ratnakar, In this entire creation, the human body has become such that it can experience every fluctuation of frequency and make it musical. We got this body to experience the Naad brahma, the sacred divine sounds.

This body made of Pancha Bhoota (five elements of nature) is the culmination of an unstable vibration. When we try to practice these unsteady vibrations with a stillness, then we feel the energy of life inside us. And when we see the form of life energy within the soul, then the door of our liberation is opened, we can be free from all sorrow and pain. To merge with the infinite vibration is called Nada Yoga.

If the purpose of sadhana is to experience the energies of life and unleash the path of liberation, the first thing to do is to find a Satguru who knows the true methods of Naad Yoga and lives his life like a yogi. Although there are many musicians in Indian classical music, among them you have to search who is Satguru. We can see today that someone who kills living beings and eats their flesh is teaching Nada Yoga. Such Artists can only teach to wrestle violently with the pure sound. In true sense a Naad yogi or Satguru is one who is insured from all enjoyment. Here I would like to mention some important characteristics of Satguru or Naad Yogi.

Characteristics of Satguru:

  1. Those who walk well on the path of religion and have complete knowledge of the ultimate truth of religion.
  2. One who is completely free from lust, anger, greed and violence.
  3. One who is completely restrained in speech, action and self-righteousness.
  4. One who sees only God in music practice, aspires to experience God.
  5. One who sees everyone with equanimity, beyond falsehood, deceit and shows the path of knowledge with equal respect.
  6. One who does not have enmity with anyone and does not criticize anyone and who never talks in vain.
  7. Whose mind is completely calm, never becomes promiscuous, no matter how difficult times may be.
  8. Those who have loving kindness, get along with everyone with humility and gratitude.
  9. Those who are in Samadhi in the sound of Pure-Naad, And have a good knowledge of the variations and variability of frequencies.
  10. One who is only interested in Naad sadhna beyond honor, respect etc.
  11. One who grants mercy, forgiveness and best wishes for every creature of nature.
  12. One who knows very well the way to enter wisdom from Samadhi through Naad Yoga.
  13. One who is completely restrained from diet, sleep and sex.
  14. A True master (Sadguru) is one who respects every devotee and disciple as his son or daughter, father or mother.
  15. One who experiences divine power from every particle of the sound of nature and worships Naad Brahma with unwavering devotion, love and faith.
  16. One who experiences divine power from every particle of the sound of nature and worships Naad Brahma with unwavering devotion, love and faith.

In today’s society, we all look for a master who will show us the right path, who will show us the way to experience God on the path of wealth. In this way of life, we get influenced by anyone who tells us some sweet things to make us happy and sometimes we accept them as the guru. If you want to experience the supreme power of music then please be aware and alert and definitely keep an eye on these characteristics of Sadguru and Then accept them as your guide and keep practicing with devotion, faith, humble gratitude towards Guru, then your life journey will emerge from happiness and prosperity.